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Website Evangelism


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Listen To "George Street"

CLICK HERE and listen to "George Street", the story of an old man who handed out gospel tracts. It's under 10 minutes long. Listen and be amazed. You might even want to do something! :) 

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Evangelism Resources

How to build a Christian Website and get it to number 1 on Google

By the time it takes you to read to the end of this sentence, another ten people will have died. By the time you have read the brief introduction below, around 150 people will have died. In the next 24 hours, about 150,000 people will have died. These people need to hear about Jesus. Use the resources below to help you spread the Gospel.


This page may be a little empty now but (1) there is much more to come and (2) what you have here are perhaps three of the most equipping, inspiring and challenging messages you will hear on evangelism.

These resources are for Christians who want to learn how to proclaim the Good News in a way that is biblical and honours both God and the people you are reaching out to. These resources are to equip you in your understanding of what evangelism is and how to do it.

A lot of people want things to be easy but while you will find that these resources equip you for evangelism, you will still need to go out there and practice. Jesus commanded the disciples to "Go..." God will prompt you with things you can DO to make a difference.

At times there will be a cost to you (we are not thinking of nor are we excluding money) to obey Christ and bring the Good News to a lost soul. We are commanded to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Jesus. So don't be surprised if somewhere along they way, after listening to or reading the inspiring messages on this page, you find yourself challenged to put it into practice. But this is what discipleship is about, learning.

So take what you find here, listen to and read it more than once. Pray for opportunities to put it into practice. Do something when the opportunity come up.

Website Evangelism is still a newish concept.

But like anything new, we can make it harder than it needs to be.

Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Invitation Gone Wrong

All the material you find on this page below is free to download, copy and duplicate.

Audio Evangelism Messages (Highly Recommended)

INSTRUCTIONS - please read first.

Use the controls on the audio player below to listen to it online or click the link below it to download. To download using Internet Explorer, right click and then choose "save target as..."

We suggest you listen to them in order. The first one, George Street, is under 10 minutes and shows the potential of Website Evangelism which places gospel tracts on websites we create for the lost to find. They are finding them and they are clicking on the tracts. Click Here to see Website Evangelism in Action.

George Street

This file tells the amazing story of how powerful giving out gospel tracts can be. You will be reaching for a tract after listening.

Hell's Best Kept Secret

This message below is by Ray Comfort who spent many years in NZ as an evangelist. One pastor listened to this message 250 times.

PDF Transcript for Hell's Best Kept Secret - for those who do not have speakers, you can still read the message. Click the link with the left mouse button and the message will pop up in a new browser window. You will need an Adobe Reader browser plug in for this. If you don't have it, your browser will let you know.

True and False Conversion

This second tract, also by Ray Comfort, gives clear biblical answers on one of the biggest issues the church faces today.

PDF Transcript for True and False Conversion - see instructions above for other PDF. These PDF's are free to print and duplicate.

More Inspirational messages on Evangelism

Listen to these messages online or download. They are free to duplicate.

How to get on fire for God

Click Here to download

Militant Evangelism

Click Here to download

Written Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Resources for the lost

This section contains free evangelism resources or links to them that you can use to share the Gospel with the lost. TO DOWNLOAD FILES, Right Click the Download link and then choose "save target as..." or "save link as..." and then choose your target directory that you want to place it in. This works for Explorer and Firefox.

What Hollywood Believes

Download "What Holly Wood Believes" then burn it to a CD and distribute to everyone. Do a letter box drop or give out personally. Or upload to your website. Invite your Church to get involved in this. You could make it an evangelism project. Contact the Church leaders and get them behind you so that the whole church is more motivated. Or, if you don't have the support you need from leadership, you can still make it a personal project and get friends to help you.

The Good Person Test

You can invite someone to do the Good Person Test in a number of ways

1. Email people to check out:

2. Post the above link on Facebook and other social media

3. Download The Good Person Test and email it to others (it's only about 1 megabyte)

4. Download The Good Person Test and upload it to your own website