Website Evangelism

Casting the Gospel Net over the Internet


We think it's only fair that you know a little about us about how your gift will be used before you give.

 About Website Evangelism

    • We are a non-profit body
    • We are not registered as a charitable organisation
      Charitable organizations can be registered or unregistered
    • We cannot therefore offer a donation rebate as we do not pay tax
    • We also therefore cannot draw wages or make a profit
    • We plan to become a Charitable trust in the future
    • At that time, we will draw wages and make a profit but only for the purpose of furthering the vision of Website Evangelism to Cast The Gospel Net Over The Internet.
    • At that time, we will also modify this page to reflect those changes.


About Your Contribution

Your donation will be received as an unconditional gift

Your donation will deposited into a bank account dedicated to the work of Website Evangelism

Your donation  will be used for furthering the Vision of Website Evangelism. 

In particular, your donation will be used for the purchase of

    • website hosting
    • domain names
    • domain building tools
    • website analysis tools
    • email accounts
    • security measures
    • backup measures
    • advertising
    • software
    • hardware
    • mission cards
    • gospel tracts
    • video production

    • other related expenditure 

As the mission grows, and after moving from being an unregistered charitable enterprise to a charitable trust, monies will then be used to also pay an income (as required) and make a profit but only for the purpose of furthering the Mission, Goals and Plans of Website Evangelism, as outlined on the "The Plans" page.



Click the Donation button in the side panel to the right to pay by

    • Pay Pal or
    • Credit Card  - you will see the credit card options lower down on the page that opens