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Website Evangelism


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Listen To "George Street"

CLICK HERE and listen to "George Street", the story of an old man who handed out gospel tracts. It's under 10 minutes long. Listen and be amazed. You might even want to do something! :) 

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Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men"

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Website Evangelism

The two testimonies below are from people who visited our 2012 website.

“This was a very touching moment in my life I have been raised with Christian values but I would always sin. I thought I was saved until this test. I have sinned. A lot. But know I am a changed person because of the test. I am truly happy. Thank you for all you have done.”

"I want to thank whoever put this website up [all the Glory goes to God] it truly changed my life just a few hours before stumbling across this site (I was looking at pages about the end of the world just out of curiosity) but I had a humbled heart as I answered each question 100% truthfully and I'm happy I did cause I know now that I'm a new creation in Jesus Christ our lord and words can't describe the feeling of complete peace that came over me when I prayed and poured out my heart to god thank you and god bless!"

Website Evangelism - Intro


Website Evangelism ( is a unique Christian mission doing evangelism on the Internet. Like Jesus with the woman at the well, we interact with people on the thing they came searching for, then we lead them to the Gospel and God's plan of salvation (John 4:9-10). The main difference is that we are doing this on the Internet.

Website Evangelism (this site) is here to (1) provide resources for Christians in their daily witness and (2) invite Christians to get involved in using the Internet and the websites we create, to reach the lost.

Website Evangelism is reaching out to Christians so that Christians can reach out to the lost - in everyday life and on the World Wide Web (Luke 14:23).


Those living in rebellion to God are NOT searching the Internet on topics like, "Does God love me and have a wonderful plan for my life?" or "How can I be saved from the wrath of God against my many sins?" So we...

  • Build websites for the lost on topics they are actually interested in
  • Put gospel presentations on those sites along with other Scripture
  • Leave strategic links on those sites that lead to the Gospel content
  • Visitors click those links and they encounter the Gospel - and God

In a one 30 day period, 15,000 + people clicked a link that took them to the gospel.

The amazing thing is that none of them were looking for the Good News!!!

Its never been so easy to reach the world with the Gospel (Matthew 24:14)

Let's not take this for granted. Let's make the most of this opportunity Ephesians 5:16

See World End 2012 Mission for more details based on an example from one of our sites.


Join up as a SITE MEMBER of Website Evangelism

  • Grow in experience and confidence in doing personal evangelism
  • Learn how to use your computer for evangelism on the Internet
  • Become active in encouraging other Christians in evangelism
  • Be more effective in encouraging evangelism in your local Church
  • Help Website Evangelism promote the sites we build for the lost  

The more Christians who catch the vision of this unique Internet mission AND JOIN UP, the more LOST souls who get to hear the Good News (Luke 10:2). We especially need your help for our 21 December 2012 Mission which is reaching out to people interested in the 2012 end of the world theories.


Our big prayer is that through Website Evangelism, YOU, and the grace of God, that many will see, many will fear and many will put their trust in the Lord (Psalm 40:3). If you go to the Testimonies page, you will see some examples of how God has graciously used Website Evangelism to touch both the lost and Christians. In his great love for the lost he is using all means possible (1 Corinthians 9:22) to draw people to himself (John 6:44) that he might win some because he does not wish any to perish (Ezekiel 33:11; 2 Peter 3:9). This is to his glory and the praise of his Holy name.