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There are a lot of "evangelism" websites that have evangelism articles and sell or give away evangelism resources, but it is always good to find a website that has been developed purely for the purpose of actual online evangelism; a website where people can read or view clear Gospel presentations, as questions about Christianity and even debate and engage in interfaith dialogue.

One website that does all of that and more is Faith of Choice. It is a world religions forum and a website where people can read and learn about different world religions, what they teach, why they won't save you and why they need a Savior (JESUS!)

It doesn't ask for donations or advertise "how to save your friends", so it is a bit more seeker friendly, although very uncompromising in it's Gospel presentations about sin, repentance, faith and salvation.

Here is the link:


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I've had a quick look at the site you recommend.  At first glance, it looks like something that Christians can use to equip themselves for evangelism in a sycretistic and atheistic world.  Thanks for sharing.


Now is a good time to evangelise.  :)

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I would add that when it comes to modern day visions of heaven and hell, that they are not the same as in the Bible.  I sincerely believe that this is something we need to be very very careful about.   You will find testimonies on the web today of people who died and went to hell or heaven (or maybe it's spoken of as a NDE (near death experience since they came back) and also of visions of heaven and hell.

I find it interesting that of all the stories in the Bible of people who were raised to life after being clearly dead (eg. Lazarus) that NONE of them reported ANY after life experience of EITHER heaven or hell. 

Secondly, all the people in the Bible who had a vision of heaven were alive at the time and their story is now part of the inspired Word of God.

Third, the Bible does tell the true story of a man who went to hell... but he did NOT come back.

Fourth, stories today of demons tormenting people in hell are totally inconsistent with the Scirptures which make it plain that hell is GOD'S wrath and not the devils, AND, the Bible makes it plain that in hell, demons will not be the tormentors, but the tormentees.

There is a lot more that needs to be said about this but this will do for now. :)


Now is a good time to evangelise.  :)

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